SFAG May 16th Meeting News

If your were not able to attend last meeting, we wanted to share with you what went on...Big changes happened!

After many years of dedicated work to the Seacoast Food Allergy Group, Tamara Leibowitz, has handed the group to the care of Susan Engle. Thank you Tamara for all your hard work and passion for this group!

Susan Engle, with support from Jennifer DePiano and Ilara Donarum, will be taking over. We hope that we can continue to grow and offer everyone support and information they need navigating the Food Allergy World!

In addition, our Medical Advisor, Dr. Barbara Deuell, provided us with current research articles. We will have them available at the next meeting if anyone would like to read through them if you missed the last meeting.

Hope to see everyone at our next meeting on August 29th.

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